Management Team

Wallick Communities are led by a management team of seasoned executives that share a vision for developing, building, and sustaining properties that match the lifestyle and needs of the people who appreciate the benefits of well-designed and well-maintained housing.

Wallick Principals

Howard Wallick, Owner

Howard Wallick is a company co-owner. He began working with property management special projects at ...

Julie Wallick , Owner

Julie Wallick is a co-owner of Wallick. She joined the company in June 1982 as a property supervi...

Wallick Corporate Executives

Tom Feusse, Chief Executive Officer

Tom Feusse is Chief Executive Officer and co-owner of Wallick. He joined the company in June 2006...

Dave Hendy, Managing Director

Dave Hendy is Managing Director of Wallick-Hendy Development. His company, Stern-Hendy Properties...

Bill Hinga, Senior Vice President, Business Development

Bill Hinga is Wallick Communities’ Senior Vice President of Business Development. He joined th...

Troy Rambo, Chief Financial Officer

Troy Rambo serves as Wallick's Chief Financial Officer where he oversees accounting and finance f...

Joyce Peoples, PHR, Director, Human Resources

Joyce L. Peoples is Wallick's Director of Human Resources. She oversees all of the company's huma...

Brian Hendy, Senior Vice President

Brian Hendy is Senior Vice President of Wallick-Hendy Development, where he oversees acquisitions...

Wallick-Hendy Properties

Rowe Shockley, Senior Vice President

Rowe Shockley is Wallick-Hendy Properties' Senior Vice President of Affordable Housing. He joined...

Joseph Gulling, Senior Vice President

Joe Gulling is Senior Vice President at Wallick. He is responsible for the company's senior housi...

Wallick-Hendy Development

Matt Shoemacher, Senior Vice President

Matt Shoemacher is Senior Vice President of Wallick-Hendy Development LLC and is responsible for ...

Tim Swiney, Senior Vice President

Tim Swiney is the Wallick Companies Senior Vice President of Development where he helps oversee the ...

Sharon D. Shaffer, Senior Vice President

Sharon Shaffer is Wallick-Hendy Development's Senior Vice President, Senior Living. She joined the c...

Wallick Construction

Bill Lepper, President

Bill Lepper is President of Wallick Construction. In this position he oversees all phases of cons...

Valerie Howes, Project Manager

Valerie Howes is a Project Manager for Wallick Construction LLC. She works on all segments of proje...

KC Johnson, Project Manager

KC Johnson is a Project Manager for Wallick Construction LLC. He works on all segments of projects i...

Wallick Asset Management

Amy Albery, Senior Vice President

Amy Albery is Wallick Communities Senior Vice President of Asset Management. In this position Amy...

Gary McGlaughlin, Director

Gary is responsible for representing Wallick on assigned assets, overseeing property refinancing, an...

Ken Horton, Senior Asset Manager

Ken Horton is Senior Asset Manager for the Wallick Companies’ Asset Management Department, ove...

"We would recommend Wallick to a client who wants quality... and the best value"

- Wallick Business Partner

"Wallick is an excellent firm. They do a good job and it shows."

- Wallick Business Partner

"I am proud to work at Wallick. It is one of the best companies that I have ever worked for."

- Wallick Associate

"Our primary driver is management...(theirs is) best in class with a strong leadership team."

- Wallick Business Partner

"I feel engaged in meeting the company goals."

- Wallick Associate

"Very professional... the way they operate, respond to issues and have a good philosophy"

- Wallick Business Partner

"Reputation is everything with government-subsidized projects. They have a good reputation (with) HUD."

- Wallick Business Partner

"I ... feel valued as an employee."

- Wallick Associate

"(Wallick is) well known, knowledgeable, their work is exceptional"

- Wallick Business Partner

"The atmosphere and culture are great."

- Wallick Associate

"I have dealt with a lot of companies nationally... (Wallick) is among the top tier national developers... better than 85% of the industry."

- Wallick Business Partner

"I appreciate the integrity and character of the employees and leadership."

- Wallick Associate

"They bring communication skills and availability and appropriate expertise (to projects)"

- Wallick Business Partner

"We have a wonderful working environment."

- Wallick Associate

"The door is always open for suggestions or complaints."

- Wallick Associate